Reconnective Healing

Discover a powerful approach to healthcare that offers benefits without risk: no side effects, no pills to take, no needles involved.

Reconnective Healing centers around wellbeing and addresses causes of illness, rather than symptoms. And you don't have to be ill to benefit. It's as valuable for preventing illness, as it is for restoring your health. People come as much for a relaxing treat or to satisfy their curiosity as they do to restore their wellbeing. This suits everyone.

Reconnective Healing is a holistic, non-invasive process, and it works fast. The potential for it to make a difference is tremendous, while there are no known drawbacks to compromise positive results.

I invite you to browse these pages to learn more about this wondrous phenomenon called Reconnective Healing, and to find out how it might serve you. If you employ people, consider giving the gift of wellbeing to your employees for their birthday or Christmas. What present could make a bigger difference? I believe that everybody should try this at least once. Of course, I'm biased. I love it. Hard not to!

Reconnective Healing 

Why would I want a session (What can Reconnective Healing help me with)?

People usually come for any one of three reasons:

    • They read Dr. Eric Pearl's bestselling book 'The Reconnection - Heal others, heal yourself'  or watched the movie 'The Living Matrix', and are simply curious to experience this process.
    • They come for a relaxing treat that offers more than just that: it's preventive healthcare, resetting your body to balance and smooth functioning. So, like a warrant of fitness for a car, they take themselves to a pleasant tune-up.
    • They want to recover from an illness and return to wellbeing. 

To give you an idea, people successfully sought help with health challenges such as:

    • physical: back pain, arthritis, muscle aches, migraines, accident recovery, bone fractures, CFS, joint pain, ulcers, cancers, not healing wounds or old injuries, nerve pain, skin rashes, infertility.
    • emotional: grief, 'I'm not good enough perception', addictions, anger, hurting, forgiveness.
    • mental: stress, depression, anxiety, brain fog, low self-esteem, hopelessness, insecurity/ low self-confidence, panic attacks, insomnia, negative thinking.
    • spiritual: a feeling of disconnection, not belonging, confusion, lack of clarity, finding their life purpose.

And more often than not, true healing operates on more than one level, addressing a combination of physical, mental, and emotional challenges all at once. Thankfully, you don't have to keep track of any of it. Your job is to relax, enjoy, and allow. It's easy!

Why does this help with so many different things?

Here's how I think about it: if health is balance, illness can be viewed as an imbalance of your system. Reconnective Healing works for so many different conditions, because it restores balance, rather than addressing any specific symptom. That symptom is only an expression of an underlying, currently existing imbalance in the body. Reconnective Healing promotes a return to balance and helps your body reset, thereby removing the imbalance. Any illness (and its accompanying symptoms) based on a previously existing imbalance must fall away when the system rights itself. That, in a nutshell, is why Reconnective Healing is so powerful, and why no (symptom based) diagnosis is used.

People can experience this as immediate change. They walk in with pain and leave without it. They present with a limited range of motion, and it is partially or fully restored. Their arthritis or back pain is much improved or simply gone. They regain their perspective in life instead of feeling hopeless, as their depression lifts. They feel old injuries improve. They're able to cope with their life situation a lot better. For other people, it develops over time, as is seen with attitude changes and addictions. The person does not notice anything straight away, until it occurs to them later that they didn't have a smoke in a while, didn't binge lately or didn't touch any alcohol for some time. And all of this after only 1-3 sessions. That is, in 90 minutes or less. The surprised look on  people's face is priceless, and countless examples from around the globe illustrate the benefits of this modality (visit our blog and testimonial pages to read some of these accounts).

What is it not?

Reconnective Healing is not faith healing. It is not therapy. It does not diagnose. It is not a fad or scam. It has nothing to do with medicine, and all to do with health, wellbeing, and a return to balance. And just like rock'n'roll, it's here to stay.

What is it?

Reconnective Healing is frequency based and electromagnetic in nature. It is a holistic process that uses palpable frequencies of energy, light and information of the universe, which are easily felt by most people (and animals). A session connects you with these frequencies, which are perceived in a multitude of ways. No two people have the same response, and most report back with pleasant or surprising impressions. Reconnective Healing is a powerful phenomenon best experienced, rather than read or talked about.

If it spooks you to think that universal frequencies of sorts should interact with you, imagine a world without sunshine. Difficult? Sunlight interacts with you every day, and so does gravity. Both are universal phenomena. Light waves have a frequency, contain energy, and carry information. You can read more about this on our research page. And: aren't you glad that sunshine gives you that great looking tan? Love listening to music? Light and sound are probably the best examples of how frequencies allow and shape our perception of the world on a daily basis. But back to Reconnective Healing.

This is not therapy. Your practitioner does not diagnose or treat any specific illness. Rather, they help you initiate a process that allows healing to take place. Reconnective Healing centers around wellbeing, and healings are spontaneous. That is why it is not necessary to schedule regular sessions, and to come back week after week, month after month. In fact, only up to 3 sessions are recommended at any one point in time. And the less your practitioner knows about your ailments, the better for you. This may sound surprising. It makes sense once you experience Reconnective Healing.

What happens during a session (How does it work)?

Bring 60 minutes. With only your shoes and belt off, relax comfortably face up on a massage table for c. 30 minutes. See what happens.

Reconnective Healing works with the electromagnetic bodyfield generated by your nervous system and universal frequencies of energy, light and information. In essence, during a session, you have a conversation with the universe. To make this more tangible: another word for light is electromagnetic radiation. This can be measured in energy and frequency: the properties of a photon, a particle of light. Photons interact with you every day. Just like light (photons) hits your skin and causes it to give you a tan, the Reconnective Healing  frequencies interact with your body in similar fashion – they cause a biochemical chain reaction which results in healthy tissue. Exactly how the body takes a frequency and translates it into a healthy biology is unknown to date. We just know from countless healing stories and measuring this effect with medical equipment (i.e. MRI, EEG, EKG, skin conductivity, blood pressure) that this integration occurs. The newest cancer research parallels Reconnective Healing: scientists documented a positive effect of weak electromagnetic fields on liver tumors, which resulted in long term survivors of advanced liver cancer. You can read more about it here.

Reconnective Healing works whether you believe in it or not, much like gravity acts on you right now, irrespective of your knowledge, beliefs or convictions. It works on all levels of your being, be it mental, physical, spiritual, emotional or other. During your session, you receive exactly what is appropriate for you, at this point in time. What that is, is not for the practitioner to determine (nor could they, even if they wanted to). Everyone gets a healing. Here's how it works: the healing you're anticipating and the one you're receiving may or may not  be a match. Either way, you come away with a gift. You will be happy when they are a match and you recognize it instantly. And you will be delighted when you understand the healing you have received instead of your original intention. It well may be beyond anything you have imagined.

During your first Reconnective Healing session, your body gets introduced to the frequencies - and it will never forget them. Which means that you'll always recognize their presence from now on. The effect of this session continues long after you have left the practice and stays with you for life. Each time you come back for another session, you add to the signal, and your body entrains (swings with) with these frequencies and becomes their carrier. That is how you end up bringing these frequencies into all that you do, and to every person you're interacting with. Reconnective Healing is a gift for life. So is The Reconnection.-

Variations of Reconnective Healing: distance & animal healing

Distance healing

Distance healing is known to be as effective as a healing in person, and  it works just like a no-distance healing. Read a client's distance session feedback here to give you an example of how people may experience this. The practitioner works with the field and frequencies just as they would with a client present on the massage table. Find a quiet spot to relax for 30 minutes. We will be in touch with you before and after the 30 minute session, via telephone or email. As the name implies, distance healing works across space, and that is why it can be received anywhere. It does not matter where you reside. We recommend up to 3 sessions, the same as if you would come to the practice in person.

Animal healing

Animals are very susceptible to the frequencies, and they meet them without resistance, analysis or interpretation. The effect is often immediate and easily visible in their response and behavior. Read an example of animal healing here. Healing sessions can be offered to any animal/ pet needing assistance.

Aside from aiding with healing, Reconnective Healing has also been known to improve the performance of race horses. Reconnective Healing applications are many-fold..

The Reconnection

Similar to Reconnective Healing in its healing aspect, The Reconnection is a once in a lifetime process which reconnects you back to the fullness of the universe. It helps to discover, redirect or accelerate your life path. Some describe it as 'life optimization', e.g. resulting in heightened awareness, a richer life experience, a sense of being connected to something greater than oneself, or fresh opportunities arising at the right moment. The main difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection is one of intent: Reconnective Healing is for healing, and The Reconnection is for life path acceleration and growth. You can read an example of what people experience here.

The philosophy behind The Reconnection

Our bodies contain their own set of energetic lines and points (also known as meridian or acupuncture lines), and they serve as an interface between our physical world and the universal plane of energy, light and information. Originally, the meridian lines of our bodies were connected to the grid of lines encircling the planet, which intersect at known places such as Sedona, USA, or Machu Picchu, Peru. At some point in time, we became disconnected from the planetary grid and lost our inherent connection to the fullness of the universe.

The Reconnection re-establishes that bond. This process works with over 100 energetic lines and points of the body, and follows a strict sequence, contrary to Reconnective Healing, which is free flowing, without predetermined points and lines to activate. Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended to receive at least one Reconnective Healing session prior to your Reconnection. It attunes your body to these yet unfamiliar frequencies, gives you a feel for what this is like, and prepares the ground for a once in a lifetime experience.

Disclaimer: Katrin Geist, Holistic Health Global Ltd, and anyone associated with this work, inclusive of, but not limited to Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, make no claims, promises or guarantees and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health or life challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.



In 90 Mins or Less, Katrin Has Helped Clients to:

Release stress

Improve sleep

Alleviate back pain

Stop headaches

Recover from a severe accident

Gain clarity for life decisions

Reduce prescription drugs

Rekindle their curiosity for life

Shed emotional baggage

Rekindle their relationship

Lift depression

Feel an improvement of old injuries

Lessen their sensitivity to EMF radiation

Relieve pain completely or to a manageable degree

Increase their range of motion for improved or normal mobility

Increase their walking ability from very limited to several kilometres a day

Be more self-assertive and thus much happier at their work place

Feel balanced, well and relaxed despite exposure to multiple stressors

Create a basis for healing cancer by feeling peaceful and unafraid facing it

Move from feeling hopeless to a sense of acceptance and continuation

Change their world view



Who is This For?


Who values wellbeing and wants to nurture it

Who wants to heal any physical, mental or emotional condition

Interested in alternative healthcare, and/or

Wanting to complement their current treatment with a gentle, yet powerful healing modality

Preferring non-invasive, holistic approaches

Who wants to relax and feel good

Who wants to grow as a person

Who seeks true & lasting change in their life

Who likes to treat themselves

Curious enough to try something new

In charge of others: think of how the gift of wellbeing could make a difference to your family, friends, colleagues, employees, or any other people you are in contact with!



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