Distant Healing Alleviates Debilitating Knee Problem

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“Dear Katrin,

I write to share my [distance] Reconnective Healing experience with you.

pain free kneeFor three weeks, my left knee was painful. I couldn’t walk very well, and only slowly, avoiding to put weight on my left leg. Climbing up stairs proved almost impossible. The pain steadily increased, therefore I sought help from a general practitioner, who diagnosed a Baker’s-cyst in the knee joint. She sent me to an orthopaedist, where I have yet to go.

Simultaneously, I experienced headaches on the right side of my head – very unusual, as I usually never get headaches.

After the first session I felt better – less pain in the knee, so that I could stop taking pain killers. The headaches also left completely.

During the second session, I felt an intense movement in my left leg and noticed warmth around my head and a tingling sensation there also. After c. 15 minutes, my left calf rose from the bed and I felt a (painless) turning sensation in my knee, best described as a mathematical infinity sign, after which the leg fell back onto the mattress. This happened very quickly and left me quite startled.

The result: after the session, I could put weight on my knee without experiencing pain, and walk almost normally, move the knee without pain, and dress myself normally. Just wonderful! And a stark contrast to the usual hobbling about in the mornings.

After the third session, I could walk all garden stairs fine in either direction. Later that evening, climbing up the first steps to the first floor also went normally…super. I don’t really know what to tell the orthopaedist tomorrow, since, with the exception of climbing up stairs fully, all is well again! –

The orthopaedist examination went fine and without pain, except the last movement she tried…which enabled her to diagnose what caused the pain: bone rubbing on bone in the knee joint, due to thinning of cartilage buffering the kneecap. A cyst alone apparently does not cause pain to the degree I had.

But my knee is constantly improving – it’s awesome, and a daily source of joy! Today I cycled 17 km, and participating in Pilates becomes easier and easier. I quit pain killers after session one, and will follow your recommendation of turmeric to counteract inflammation and support my knee in healing fully. –

While I don’t really understand how Reconnective Healing works, the clear before and after difference is undeniable. I’m just so glad to be able to move again, going about my day normally and without any aids! I am certain the rest will also fall into place in due course. Thank you!”

Christine Geist (Katrin’s Mum), retired Midwife, Germany

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