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While active with new posts added regularly, this blog mainly serves as repository for Reconnective Healing examples, gathering stories from people’s experiences the world over. The intention is to provide examples of how this gentle yet powerful healing modality helps people with health problems across the board, from headaches to cancers, depression to back aches, and Multiple Sclerosis to Parkinson’s Disease. While Reconnective Healing is the main focus here, the blog also touches on the mind body connection, related scientific research, healthy living subjects, and The Reconnection process.

Reconnective Healing

I’m in a wonderful position: I may witness people’s wellbeing improve, sometimes dramatically, while practicing Reconnective Healing. Watching them come in with pain and leave without it, dance through the room trying out movements they couldn’t do in months, or get up saying: “I’m not depressed anymore!”, move on the massage table so much in response to frequencies of energy, light and information that I feel compelled to hold the table in place, speak a language fluently they have no conscious knowledge of, heal from a severe accident a lot faster than predicted – it makes you wonder what exactly happens to people experiencing this, and what the Reconnective Healing phenomenon is based on. This holistic process engages frequencies of energy, light and information which tangibly and visibly interact with a person, helping them to allow a healing to occur. It is wellbeing centered, powerful, compatible with other approaches, as good for prevention as for healing and recovery, offers benefits without risk, and can be life-changing. It addresses causes rather than symptoms, while creating no dependency on the practitioner – I don’t see clients more than three times per life situation. Reconnective Healing is also experiential. No article, book, or live presentation substitutes for a direct experience of this process. However, these are good beginning points. For more information on Reconnective Healing, please browse the Holistic Health Global (HHG) website, or sign up for our monthly Healthy Living Newsletter. A free report about the scientific basis of energy healing (and Reconnective Healing), detailing why and how it works, comes with your newsletter sign-up. Welcome!

Katrin Geist

Katrin Geist

Katrin Geist combines her interests in consciousness, personal transformation, and natural healthcare as Reconnective Healing practitioner, speaker, and author. Her monthly “Healthy Living Newsletter” offers original articles on relevant natural healthcare topics.

Katrin loves exploring the mysteries of life. Initially doing so as a biologist, she now devotes her time to helping clients regain and retain their health and sense of wellbeing. Biophysics taught her the importance and far reaching implications of a truly holistic approach to wellbeing, and to life at large. More and more, she begins to understand how energy, frequency, and information shape our lives – knowingly or not.

Katrin holds a BA from the University of Montana, USA, and an MSc in biology from Berlin University (FU). This science background enables her to communicate scientific subjects in an accessible way, so that everyone can benefit from information otherwise often confined to technical experts.

Katrin has held international wellbeing clinics in several countries and currently works as Reconnective Healing practitioner from her New Zealand office in Dunedin. She feels privileged to serve in this capacity and invites you to experience something different. Take back the reins of your health!

To contact Katrin for personal or remote sessions and to invite her for a seminar or presentation, please call or email her.


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