Anita Moorjani’s Inspiring Book “Dying to Be Me”

“Dying to Be Me”, a title seemingly belying the connection to renewal – but then it isn’t. Not expected to live, Anita Moorjani fully recovered from cancer after a four year long journey, the subject of her inspiring book. Today she travels the world, sharing her experience and the powerful conclusions coming from it.

anita moorjani dying to be me

Thoughts on “Dying to Be Me”

Every once in a while a book comes along that touches you deeply. Anita Moorjani’s account of cancer, nearly dying, and recovering fully, when it was thought absolutely impossible, is mind bogglingly wonderful. Yes, sometimes one has to stretch grammar to describe good things. Not so much a review of content as a comment on the book’s impact, I’d like to share some thoughts on Anita’s book here.

Do you know that feeling when you attend a funeral, and any words you find fall short of what you want to say and how you feel inside? You wish to respect and support family members, yet nothing satisfactory comes out of your mouth. Not even close. I’ve certainly been there. Now this dilemma is solved by a book whose title could not be more apt. I’ll just take a copy of ”Dying to Be Me” along, and let Anita do the talking to family members and close friends of the deceased person. If you lost a loved one lately, I highly recommend you read this book to perhaps help ease your grief. It won’t bring them back, yet your perspective and perception of the event may change and help you heal.

This book is a great gift for sad occasions, or when someone is dealing with a major illness. And it does not have to be cancer. It’s easy to find inspiration in this book, from all sorts of angles. In fact, you can be perfectly healthy and enjoy it just as much.

anita moorjani dying to be meAnita Moorjani’s words offer wisdom, hope, and inspiration. They offer a different view on life, our choices, on how society, culture, and belief systems shape us, and how their perception can contribute to illness. Not an exactly small topic, and it’s delivered in plain, simple, easy to read language that makes big concepts accessible. It’s also a very personal account of an almost four year long journey with cancer, up until what doctors thought was the irreversible end. Instead, while in a coma, Anita witnessed everything happening around her hospital bed from a higher vantage point, including conversations outside her room, and also her brother boarding a flight 1000s of miles away.

What she concludes from her amazing near death experience makes inspiring reading. Needless to say, this experience changed Anita’s life, and the lives of those around her. Doctors take great interest in her well documented case, because a cancer vanishing on this scale, when organs had already begun shutting down, and with lemon size tumors abounding, was simply unheard of and thought impossible. Now I love when boundaries get pushed and extended. To me, that’s the value of her story. It goes beyond what’s usually accepted as ‘real’, possible, and true. We all know stories of people who defied the odds though (and aren’t they delightful!?). You can read another such story here and here, and it’s awesome when people turn around and share their experience and conclusions with us. The documentary Touching the Void also narrates a very inspiring, unbelievable recovery from a mountaineering accident.

Anita’s book serves a great many people with its invaluable message. It’s very liberating. After reading this account, my hope is that many people loosen their fear of death (and fear in general!), and that they may be able to adopt a different stance toward it. After all, change and physical death are the only things certain in life. Why fear them, then? Even more so when knowing that the essence of who you are is indestructible. Reconnective Healing shows me that aspect of ourselves every day. There really is nothing to be afraid of. Anita’s main message is: love yourself and live life fearlessly! I couldn’t agree more. Give yourself a hug every day. Be well and thoroughly fearless, especially in these times we live in. Love still is the greatest healer. Start with yourself!

Watch Anita’s TEDx Talk, which sums up the essence of her book.


      Anita Moorjani ~  Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing.        Hay House Inc.


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