Anxiety Virtually Gone After Reconnective Healing

“My Reconnective Healing was profoundly personal, beautiful, cosmic and life-affirming, and while I find the majority of this experience to be FAR beyond verbalization, I must share some words with others who seek true, deep healing relevant to this evolutionary time on our Planet.anxiety

While on many levels the gifts of my Reconnection continue to unfold, there is one significant element that I am so deeply grateful for: The complex beast named anxiety, my constant and unwelcome companion, has virtually disappeared from my life! I feel a very gentle and loving sense of amazement as I realize what has taken place, but this realization is much less a surprise than a blissful feeling of remembering myself . . . like opening a door to ME! It fills my head! It fills my heart!

Jewel Shield is indeed a precious gem, filled with love, gratefulness, and the genuine humility of a true healing source. I would truly recommend the Reconnection to anyone who is drawn to it. Has it caught your attention? GO!”

K.W. via Jewel Shield, USA


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