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Remote Healing Experience Feedback

With his consent, I gladly share a client’s recent remote healing experience as an example of how RH can be felt. Whether the person is physically present in the healing room or at their home does not make a difference to session experience and outcomes. Here’s his session feedback: ———————————————– SESSION 1 Hello, Katrin – Thank you so much for tonight’s session. It was wonderful, as always. Here’s a recap for you: I was ready to begin at 10 minutes

Frozen Shoulder, Throbbing Feet, Sprained Ankle Healed up Fast

frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Healed Within Minutes While cutting my hair, my hairdresser complained that she had ‘done something’ to her shoulder, and couldn’t move it past shoulder height without a lot of pain. (Not good for a hairdresser!) I worked on her for just a few minutes, just to show her what this work felt like, and then asked her to show me how far up she could bring her arm. She lifted both of her arms straight up above her

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