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Alleviating Long Term Lower Back Problem & Feeling at Peace

back pain

“I’ve suffered with a lower back problem since my early twenties, a deformity that I was born with. But I’ve just sat in the Reconnective Healing seminar for hours and walked out without a bit of discomfort. I can’t wait to spread this around.”

Reconnective Healing Gets Immediate Result for a Disk Problem

“A recurring problem with a disk in my lower back had kept me on the highest possible dose of painkillers for nine days to dull the pain. Walking was difficult, and sitting was almost impossible. About ten minutes after Christina started Reconnective Healing, the pain began to dissipate; by the time the session was over, it was completely gone and my mobility had returned.” Dianne Richards, Calgary, Canada via Christina Cherry, UK

Fibromyalgia Vastly Improved After 30 Mins of Reconnective Healing!

“An older woman with fibromyalgia came to me and said that she was in such pain she had to sleep on a couch surrounded with pillows. She had not moved her elbow in 2 years and had surgery on her ankle a couple of months before. Her back was always in pain. After one 30-minute session, she got up from the table and bent her elbow. “Wow,” she said. Then she moved her ankle around. “Wow,” she said. Then she sort of moved her back

Good Thing She Went to the Seminar Anyway! (You Might Just Get a Healing)

“My doctor told me Thursday night I would have a hard time being in a seminar all weekend because of a pinched sciatic nerve. It is Sunday and I can bend and flex my legs and hips and lower back like I could not for years. I am confident the healing will continue up my spine.” Pamela J. Bennett, Computer Systems Engineer via The Reconnection, USA

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