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Healing Bone Fractures and Standing up Straight For the First Time in 3 Years at Age 85.


“My 85 year old mother has such severe osteoporosis, she has suffered five fractures in her spine and broken her hip in three places […]. After the first healing session, I watched her standing up straight for the first time in three years!”

Feeling Returns to Formerly Severed Fingertip 18 Months After Surgery

“During the time of September of 1999, I was run over by a car, resulting in the loss of the tip of my right ring finger. Luckily, surgeons were able to re-attach the ¾ of an inch that came off. Unfortunately, I have not been able to feel this part of my finger for over a year and a half, until I met you. We have spoken on many occasions about the reconnective healing work you do. Finally, I decided

Reconnective Healing Benefits Pre- and Post-Restorative Surgery

I was introduced to Reconnective Healing when I was referred to Laura Quirke after badly breaking my leg. Laura worked on me before my very involved surgery and after. The surgery went quite well considering all the rods, pins and screws that were needed to repair the leg. I was supposed to be unable to walk for at least six months and unable to work for an entire year. Laura worked on me two more times with astounding results. I

Experiencing Reconnective Healing Frequencies During Dr.Pearl’s Seminar

“Friday morning Aug. 2, I broke the 2nd toe on my left foot. I was in extreme pain and had a hard time walking. I felt lots of energy radiate from Dr. Pearl during his lecture. The next morning the pain was 90% gone and I could walk much better. Noelle R. Williams, Office Manager, via The Reconnection, USA

Recovery from Severe Accident after 20 Mins of Reconnective Healing

Last year, I went to Auckland to give a Reconnective Healing presentation. After the seminar, a kind participant delivered me to the outskirts of Auckland, where I stayed at a friend’s place. That’s where I met Vanessa. She had her arm in a cast, and my friend suggested I work with her, so we did. This was a very informal session, witnessed by other people in the room. Vanessa sat on a chair, and I was simply demonstrating Reconnective Healing to

Healing Sessions Continue Beyond the Time with Your Practitioner

Here’s an email I received from Karen after her first ever RH session: “Hi Katrin, thanks again for the healing session on Monday – it was great! Also you may be interested to know that I had a lie down in the sun about 2pm that day, and was starting to doze off, when my left leg started to ‘unwind’ again like in our session! It didn’t last long and then I felt my left hand begin to have little