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Frozen Shoulder, Throbbing Feet, Sprained Ankle Healed up Fast

frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Healed Within Minutes While cutting my hair, my hairdresser complained that she had ‘done something’ to her shoulder, and couldn’t move it past shoulder height without a lot of pain. (Not good for a hairdresser!) I worked on her for just a few minutes, just to show her what this work felt like, and then asked her to show me how far up she could bring her arm. She lifted both of her arms straight up above her

Foot Pain Gone After 15 Mins of Reconnective Healing

happy feet

“In January, 2002, I had a very painful bone spur in my heel of my left foot. I had tried everything – cold, hot, massage, cremes. Nothing worked. In one session, fifteen minutes only, Mark Volovar using Reconnective Healing™ was able to alleviate the pain. I have never had another pain in my foot.” From Arlene Weber via Mark Volovar, USA

Tendinitis Gone After 1 Reconnective Healing Session

“A 20 year old girl was referred to me by her podiatrist who had tried to help her heal her tendonitis with no success. After a 30-minute session, the girl walked out pain free and called the next day to say the tendonitis was completely gone and she was wearing sandals for the first time in years! Now 6 months later, the tendonitis has yet to return. from Harriet Knight via The Reconnection, USA

Several Ailments Gone in Just 3 Sessions of Reconnective Healing!

“I was diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder condition which began changing immediately during our first session and now appears to be healed after only 3 sessions. An Injury to my right foot which occurred seven months ago caused pain and numbness and this too appears to be healed now. My hip pain is also gone today 🙂 and there is very little pain in my left arm. My right foot is coming alive again. Recurrent pain and numbness issues on my

Experiencing Reconnective Healing Frequencies During Dr.Pearl’s Seminar

“Friday morning Aug. 2, I broke the 2nd toe on my left foot. I was in extreme pain and had a hard time walking. I felt lots of energy radiate from Dr. Pearl during his lecture. The next morning the pain was 90% gone and I could walk much better. Noelle R. Williams, Office Manager, via The Reconnection, USA

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