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Reconnective Healing Session Experience and Outcome

“The general feeling I had during the Reconnective Healing was of energy moving around my body. I had a pain under my right rib that came and went as Christina moved about my body. I also experienced a pain in my right lower abdomen that came and went. When Christina was working on my left shoulder area I had a vision: I saw a photograph of my recently ex-boyfriend and myself being picked up and thrown against the wall, then

From Skeptic to Healing

“My experience with Reconnective Healing was surprising for a skeptic like me. I was expecting a relaxing hour, but while I wouldn’t categorize it as tense, I would categorize it as exciting. I had feelings of pinballs inside my torso, bouncing around like crazy. Also, I had some uncontrollable twitches and sensations everywhere. I did have an intention when I went to the RH session, and while I don’t want to share the issue, I can say, it is an

Healing Beyond What She Thought was Possible

 “Something HUGE happened!! Something I feel in my bones and in my mind everyday. This truly was an amazing, life changing experience that is difficult to put into words. Whatever I write will not do my experience justice. During the Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection sessions, I experienced healing beyond anything I had thought about or dreamed about. Recurring issues/pain I’d been having for years with my low back were gone!” from Susie P. San Diego, CA via Debora Wayne, USA

Healing Experience Beyond Words

“I don’t believe there are words to express the experience you have when healing is received. I came for one physical issue that had been harboring for months and months even with the assistance of herbs etc. Immediately I had relief which was amazing and thrilling – the peacefulness came and physical issue was gone. As several days passed, I felt more at peace with myself and with who I was (this was a BIG THING also). I had some

“Reconnective Healing is Different!”

“I was really amazed by Debora’s work and tremendously blessed to be the recipient. These frequencies are different! Having received a lot of energy work over the years, I was immediately struck by the quality of the reconnective energy – it is … different! And extremely effective. I was deeply touched by Debora’s clear, loving and powerful presence. She is bringing in a very high level of healing and frequency activation. What I experienced in my sessions was beyond healing,

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