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Frozen Shoulder, Throbbing Feet, Sprained Ankle Healed up Fast

frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Healed Within Minutes While cutting my hair, my hairdresser complained that she had ‘done something’ to her shoulder, and couldn’t move it past shoulder height without a lot of pain. (Not good for a hairdresser!) I worked on her for just a few minutes, just to show her what this work felt like, and then asked her to show me how far up she could bring her arm. She lifted both of her arms straight up above her

Fibromyalgia Vastly Improved After 30 Mins of Reconnective Healing!

“An older woman with fibromyalgia came to me and said that she was in such pain she had to sleep on a couch surrounded with pillows. She had not moved her elbow in 2 years and had surgery on her ankle a couple of months before. Her back was always in pain. After one 30-minute session, she got up from the table and bent her elbow. “Wow,” she said. Then she moved her ankle around. “Wow,” she said. Then she sort of moved her back

From Extreme Pain to Fine in 15 Mins

“Having a session with Debora turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. At the time I had an extreme pain in my elbow, 1 to 10 it was a 10. After 15 minutes on her table, Debora said ok open your eyes and asked if anything was bothering me…She held her hands up to the elbow for a minute or so, then said ok we’re finished, how do you feel? I told her I felt

Asthma & Joint Pain Gone After 1 Session of Reconnective Healing

 “My Asthma is entirely gone after only one session with Debora. Normally I needed to use an inhaler every single night at bedtime, but I’ve never needed it again since the first session. In addition, I’ve had joint pain for 15 years which was also totally relieved after just one session. I’ve been sleeping like a baby for the first time in years. I’m so relaxed, I just love it! From Suzy H. San Diego, CA via Debora Wayne, USA

Increased Mobility and a Positive Outlook

This is what came in the other day. It’s always lovely when people submit their feedback for others to see. Thanks Rachel! “Six months ago I had two Reconnective Healing sessions with Katrin. At the time I was suffering chronic pain from several medical conditions, had low energy, and was feeling negative about my health and job situation. I took painkillers daily for a year, as the pain in my joints made moving about difficult to the point where I couldn’t

Pain Relief and a Positive Outlook

Note: Rachel has submitted her testimonial, and there’s information overlap between this post and hers.    =) Here’s what happened a while ago:  a woman in her thirties took two RH sessions. She had been on daily painkillers for joint pain for about a year, and movement was painful and thus limited. After the second session she was pain free, sitting cross-legged on the massage table, something she had not been able to do in a long time. She surprised