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“I was Healed from the Inside Out. It Lasts, it Works, and the Only Side Effect is Better Health”

“I have had two knee operations and a 2 inch plate implanted in my neck. I have been in constant pain for years – since 2000. The doctors have prescribed pain medicines from Vicodine to Valium for muscle spasms. I was willing to try anything to stop my chronic pain. On my first visit with Debora, I was skeptical and thought, OK, can this really work? As she began to work I started to relax and things started to happen.

Knee and Hip Restored After 2 Reconnective Healing Sessions

 “I experienced a Reconnective “healing session” six months ago. I was suffering from a sore left knee that led to sciatica in my left hip as a result of the way I was walking. Physical therapy made it worse so I gave Ann’s Reconnective Healing a chance. After two sessions about 2 weeks apart, I noticed a change taking place. First my knee quit hurting. I could fully extend it with much less pain. After another week the pains in