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Frozen Shoulder, Throbbing Feet, Sprained Ankle Healed up Fast

frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Healed Within Minutes While cutting my hair, my hairdresser complained that she had ‘done something’ to her shoulder, and couldn’t move it past shoulder height without a lot of pain. (Not good for a hairdresser!) I worked on her for just a few minutes, just to show her what this work felt like, and then asked her to show me how far up she could bring her arm. She lifted both of her arms straight up above her

Alleviating Long Term Lower Back Problem & Feeling at Peace

back pain

“I’ve suffered with a lower back problem since my early twenties, a deformity that I was born with. But I’ve just sat in the Reconnective Healing seminar for hours and walked out without a bit of discomfort. I can’t wait to spread this around.”

Feeling Returns to Formerly Severed Fingertip 18 Months After Surgery

“During the time of September of 1999, I was run over by a car, resulting in the loss of the tip of my right ring finger. Luckily, surgeons were able to re-attach the ¾ of an inch that came off. Unfortunately, I have not been able to feel this part of my finger for over a year and a half, until I met you. We have spoken on many occasions about the reconnective healing work you do. Finally, I decided

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