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Healing Bone Fractures and Standing up Straight For the First Time in 3 Years at Age 85.


“My 85 year old mother has such severe osteoporosis, she has suffered five fractures in her spine and broken her hip in three places […]. After the first healing session, I watched her standing up straight for the first time in three years!”

“I was Healed from the Inside Out. It Lasts, it Works, and the Only Side Effect is Better Health”

“I have had two knee operations and a 2 inch plate implanted in my neck. I have been in constant pain for years – since 2000. The doctors have prescribed pain medicines from Vicodine to Valium for muscle spasms. I was willing to try anything to stop my chronic pain. On my first visit with Debora, I was skeptical and thought, OK, can this really work? As she began to work I started to relax and things started to happen.

A Nurse’s Account of Reconnective Healing Effects in Psychotic Patients

“My patients are gradually having reductions in medications (I work with what was formerly an inpatient psychotic acuity). Also, stays have been dramatically shortened in chronic clients. These results are documentable and not subject to supposition as these patients have a 20-30 year database to base this statement on.” Mary Garski, Registered Nurse, via The Reconnection, USA

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