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Bobby and Brock

Friday again, and another day at the SPCA, Dunedin’s animal shelter. Here’s what I found out about Bobby the cat: he was abandoned by his owner. Then adopted by the new tenant. Then abandoned again when she left. And he’s not alone: 7 other cats experienced the same fate, one of which is Brock. Both are young adults, approximately a year old. The last of these eight arrived today, very scared. She’s young, too. I worked with her a little

Bobby the Cat

Back with the cats today at the SPCA. Somehow cannot not go… Bobby the ginger cat had an awesome session today, despite cold hands. I’m sure it’s just me, and the universe couldn’t care less about cool hands. Anyway. Bobby was curled up in his pigeon hole, and seemed to be rather shy. I said ‘hello’ and started working with him. There was an immediate response, and he started having muscle jitters all over his body. At one point, I

Five Black Cats in Winter

Back at the SPCA, Dunedin’s animal shelter. It’s cold now, and the cattery was chilly. Thinking of postponing visits until it gets warmer again, so I can actually feel what I do when working with an animal. Saw Noctal today, the SPCA’s adopted/ retired pet rabbit. He has a sore tooth, but seems only mildly bothered by it. Eating fresh greens works rather well, in any case, which is great. He is in the small animal room, so if you’re

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