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Bobby and Brock

Friday again, and another day at the SPCA, Dunedin’s animal shelter. Here’s what I found out about Bobby the cat: he was abandoned by his owner. Then adopted by the new tenant. Then abandoned again when she left. And he’s not alone: 7 other cats experienced the same fate, one of which is Brock. Both are young adults, approximately a year old. The last of these eight arrived today, very scared. She’s young, too. I worked with her a little

Bobby the Cat

Back with the cats today at the SPCA. Somehow cannot not go… Bobby the ginger cat had an awesome session today, despite cold hands. I’m sure it’s just me, and the universe couldn’t care less about cool hands. Anyway. Bobby was curled up in his pigeon hole, and seemed to be rather shy. I said ‘hello’ and started working with him. There was an immediate response, and he started having muscle jitters all over his body. At one point, I

Five Black Cats in Winter

Back at the SPCA, Dunedin’s animal shelter. It’s cold now, and the cattery was chilly. Thinking of postponing visits until it gets warmer again, so I can actually feel what I do when working with an animal. Saw Noctal today, the SPCA’s adopted/ retired pet rabbit. He has a sore tooth, but seems only mildly bothered by it. Eating fresh greens works rather well, in any case, which is great. He is in the small animal room, so if you’re

FREE cat available!

Back at the SPCA today, Dunedin’s animal shelter. The huge male I was talking about last week got adopted! That’s great. Of course Mo is still there…he’s actually FREE to a good home. He’s friendly with people, and doesn’t do too well with other cats. The acting ‘top-cat’, he’s happy to be the only one at his new home.    =) The young scared female of last week was a totally different cat today.  =)   All purry and fine,

I’m biiig – but mellow! Purrrrrrr……

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems it’s Friday all the time. The weeks pass sooo quickly. And of course I love Fridays! It’s my ‘cat day’. Today was less crowded, and the cattery extension is finished. Awesome. The cats love it. To have space outside is greatly appreciated, I think. There were 15 cats in each the male and female units. Good crowd. The males got over the flu, and things are back to normal. One

A choir of purrrrrrrs

Friday the 13th, and I played with more than one black cat. Must be a great day! Apart from the rain, perhaps… Back at the SPCA, Dunedin’s animal shelter. The male cattery was still closed due to them having the flu, and everyone seemed curled up and settled when I looked in through the window. So no visit there today. The kittens next door were lively and delightful to be around. Everyone got their cuddle turn and a few minutes

A sneezing cat…can be funny

Back at the SPCA, Dunedin’s animal shelter, after a week’s break. The cattery was crowded with 20 females. Visited them and the arrival room today. Great to see many empty cages. The males have ‘the sniffles’, and people were not supposed to visit with them. Hopefully this will be over by next week. Had a lovely session with the black and white shy male, who now is in the open instead of hiding somewhere, and who was sitting by the


Happy Easter everyone. I hope this finds you very well, and that you have a great holiday, long or short. Since yesterday was Good Friday, the cats at the SPCA, Dunedin’ animal shelter, where I volunteer RH, had to wait another day. I spent 3 hours with them today, and time passed very fast. Shorter weekend hours had me miss the sick ward and arrival room, to the advantage of males (15) and females (20) in the cattery. Wow! Talking crowded.

Are you…really…???

This past week went by quickly, and so I again found myself at the SPCA, Dunedin’s animal shelter. It was great to see empty cages in the arrival room. Absence of cats did not diminish the vociferous announcements of present animals though. Most of them are young and won’t have any trouble passing the vet check and finding new homes. The large white & grey male, who spent his time in the arrival cage mostly gently snoozing, was down in

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