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Free Reconnective Healing sessions in MAY!

Welcome to your MAY 2012 Reconnective Healing special! We are excited to announce a special offer for the entire month of may: FREE Reconnective Healing sessions for everyone in Dunedin! As long as you’ve never had a session and can come to the practice, this special applies to you. Whether you want to treat yourself, are simply curious, suffer from an illness, or all of the above, make sure to take up this offer while spots last! Contact Katrin under 021

New Name, New Website, New Everything

Hello Everyone, I hope this finds you very well. After a long break from writing, I’m back and plan to write regularly again. Of course, there was a reason for the delay. Renaming the company took a while. It’s all for the better though, and Holistic Health Global Ltd, formerly the fieldConnection ltd, is off to a great start! New name, new website, new everything.   🙂 If you haven’t already, please visit us at and explore the new