Reconnective Healing Alleviates Depression & Chronic Fatigue

Kirstie was a massage therapist who took the Reconnective Healing courses with Eric Pearl in Sydney May 2007 and then attended the refresher class with Julie. Kirstie already had some wonderful healing stories but said she now feels more confident with the work:

chronic fatigue & depression“More and more people are asking for just Reconnective Healing now instead of massage. I am seeing the power of it growing daily. Yesterday a lady came to see me with severe depression due to the sad loss of her young grandson in a tragic accident. She became more and more relaxed and at the end said she felt so much more calm and less devastated than she had for weeks. She opened up and poured her heart out. She told me that she felt tingly all over!

Another lady that comes for massage has been battling extremely debilitating chronic fatigue. She has been seeing top medical specialists in Sydney who told her that it is one of the worst cases they have ever seen and that she would probably be fighting it for a long time to come. After only a couple of Reconnective Healing sessions she appears to be totally cured! Yesterday she told me that she was going home to wash all the windows of the house and chop some wood. I have never seen anyone so happy!”

Kirstie Sherratt via Julie Jara, Australia


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