Cow Fully Recovered from Ulcer via Distant Reconnective Healing

cow“The most beautiful healing I had participated in was of a very sick cow. She had lost a lot of blood from, according to the vet, an ulcer in the gut and was in a lot of pain. She was down and hadn’t eaten in 2 days.

Our daughter Sharon rang me upset as this was one of her favourite cows and the vet had told her to have it shot. Her partner was to be home later to do the mercy killing.

To see if I could help her with pain relief I suggested a Distance RH. I “placed” the cow in my lounge and went to work. I could feel heavy heavy energy on her left side and kept on working until it felt lighter. Half an hour later Sharon rang to say the cow looked more relaxed and drank a fresh bucket of water. The mercy killing was to be postponed.

At night, still lying down and provided with a warm cover and some hay, she started eating again. The next day she was up, walking and eating, her feces the normal green colour instead of the previously stinky black.

Amazing stuff, these Frequencies! My daughter was very happy.”

From Angelique Kooter, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, New Zealand

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