Dog’s Arthritic Leg Healed & Owner’s Wellbeing Also Improved

arthritic leg, dog healingI came along to a Reconnective Healing with animals night at the Sydney Boulevard Hotel and brought my German Shepherd ‘Rocky’ along to be a subject with the speaker, Renee Coltson from the USA. My main concern was to see if the healing could help with Rocky’s arthritic leg.

Rocky made a good relaxed subject for Renee and a couple of other healers who worked with him on stage. I have experienced Reconnective Healing before myself but I really didn’t get it or understand it. Whilst sitting on stage holding Rocky I felt a very strong but gentle healing happening to me. When I had arrived at 7pm I had a sick headache and by 8.30pm it was fully gone. I left feeling very blissful.

My habit is to take Rocky for a swim at the beach on Saturdays and I noticed he had no limp at all this Saturday and he was really enjoying himself. I just wanted to tell people how great I feel inside (happy) and a lot of aches and pains have gone!

I want to tell all people with animals who are in pain that there is hope. Thank you Reconnection people!

Patrick Coughlan via Julie Jara, Australia


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