Examples of What People Report From The Reconnection Process

Greater unity, purpose and calm…the reconnection

It is with great heartfelt gratitude that I recommend Jewel’s healing gifts, and specifically, her work with The Reconnection process. My wife Faye, and I, immediately noticed a quantum shift in both our individual sense of well being, and our relationship as a whole. It is as if we’ve been literally ”tuned up” into a new and higher frequency of being; a state of being characterized by greater unity, purpose, and calm. And the process itself is effortless! With much appreciation!



Opened to a higher level of awareness…

My experience of the Reconnection with Jewel was a beautiful and pivotal point in my life. I believe it opened my heart and body to a higher level of awareness. Jewel’s own level of higher vibration and connection is easily seen and felt. Her heart is definitely the beat of her work and Spirit is clearly her source. I am very grateful to her and highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to heal, to find a higher consciousness connection or to just experience the energy to be whatever it is they need.



Feeling hopeful and empowered…

Despite being in the midst of family crisis and personal stress, I now feel hopeful and empowered with my life’s Purpose. I am very grateful that Jewel is such a sensitive facilitator for this process of Reconnecting to my Source and Higher Self.


Feeling a deeper connection…

Jewel is a wonderful and naturally gifted healer who loves what she does. She was attentive to all my needs and concerns during my sessions and was genuinely interested in the positive results I got from my two healing sessions. My husband did the Reconnection and was very satisfied with his results which included feeling a deeper connection to Being.



Things falling into place…

I am feeling quite different. Things are getting extremely busy suddenly and many connections are falling into place. Odd! Also, I look different to myself when I look in the mirror.



Increased sense of calm…

I feel my sense of calm has increased greatly. The relationship to an opening vision of my own self and the world around me has become more engaging. I notice both an inner and outer glow being projected more by those that experience Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection.


All contributions from Jewel Shield, USA



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