Injured Finger Heals up Over Night

injured finger heals over night“A friend had an injured finger, badly smashed by a heavy log while he was loading firewood onto his truck. It was very red, swollen, bruised and quite painful, and the fingernail was already beginning to get dark blue. He ‘humored’ me by allowing me to work on it for just a couple of minutes, and then very politely told me that it really wasn’t “doing anything” and that he needed to get back to work. I told him that was fine, that the work would continue on without me.

The next morning he told me that while getting ready for bed that night, he noticed that his finger didn’t hurt anymore. He showed me his perfect finger, no longer red, swollen, bruised, or painful, with a slight light blue color under the fingernail. I had to laugh when he said, “I’ve been pressing on it and twisting it, to see if I can ‘make’ it hurt, but it’s fine!”

via Jill Lambert, USA


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