Panic Attack Alleviated and More Clarity Regarding Its Cause

“Dearest Mark,

panic attack alleviatedAt a time when I was totally out of sorts, tangled up in pain, tormented by a terror-iffic panic attack that I couldn’t seem to breathe through, I cried out to the Creator for help, and that help came to me within moments when I connected with you online that nite.

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your Gifts of Healing with me. Within seconds of my acceptance of your help, I began to feel the enormous weight on my heart and soul and mind and body begin to dissolve away, like a lead balloon suddenly and gently and magically lifting, beyond all logic or reason…. the terror seemed to melt away in every direction, and ah, the release I experienced in those moments was ineffable…

Almost immediately, I became free enough to breathe again, and very soon, not just calm, but filled with an abiding warmth and comfort that aided my body to sleep, and as I drifting off, I was aware all the while, these Gifts you shared continued to reside with me and work in and even surround me with Divine Love and help. By morning, I knew I had received not only relief from the pain, but also a clarity for understanding the source of that pain in me, and was able to begin addressing those and releasing the root causes of what had set me into such a spin.

Thank you, Mark, for rising in strength, courage and love, to aid me in my hour of need, and for being willing to accept so little in return for the True Worth of your Heart-based Gifts! With Honor and Gratitude, Nancy Sorenson”

via Mark Volovar, USA

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