Rebalanced Back, Shoulders & Hips

I am having a hard time believing that this has happened and will be permanent but my shoulders and upper back are relaxed, I am not leaning over, my shoulders are straight, my purse strap isn’t slipping off, I feel straight when I stand and my hips are loose, I walk different and my balance is better and last night I laid on my left side and it felt fine…no tightness or pressure.

This is so weird because I was so used to being crooked that I never even thought that it would ever be different and not the first thing that I would want to heal. Now I am watching to see if the eczema will go away too. It looks good today.

Anyway my Dear I am dumbfounded. Thank you.

Update 2 weeks later:

I have been thinking about you, also my life has become so full of new opportunities. I have been very busy.

The changes since The Reconnection still astonish me. It took several days of feeling …. well stoned!, but in a nice way. I think my body had so much readjustment. Sometimes I would find myself suddenly shake like it was shaking something loose. Much more integrated now. I feel at ease, at peace, and happy. I am so thankful for this gift of healing, I can’t begin to describe.

I don’t ever remember feeling this comfortable in this body. My posture, walking, hips are all balanced.

I hold you in my heart. I am filled with a joyous buoyant energy that is a direct connection to All that Is. You are a magnificent conduit. Thank you so much!

Joanne (after both Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection), via Jewel Shield, USA


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