How The Reconnection Sessions Can Play Out

reconnection sessionAt our first Reconnection Session I felt tingling throughout my spine and even as I think about it and sit here, if I relax there is a gentle vibration going on similar to what I get when I meditate – which is all too rare these days. Definitely I felt vibration in my hands and feet, and after each Reconnection session – a real desire to be by the ocean as much as possible.

My experience with my friend on Gabriola after the first one was quite profound. I made suggestions for what to do which were different from what he had envisioned but it all seemed to flow beautifully. And my heart was open and I wanted to help so ended up helping him build a deer fence rather than playing music which we had intended. I had a long deep sleep that night which is something I haven’t enjoyed for a while.

The second Reconnection session was a feeling that different chakras were opening and lighting up. When my heart did that my chest seemed to expand and I giggled because my bra felt so tight. I left your house and went down to the beach access you suggested. Two young boys were there and they held up a large snake they had. I think they were trying to scare me but I got down beside them and told them I love snakes and we had a nice conversation. I went down the stairs to the beach and did some tai chi but kept putting my hands in the ocean as they were very hot. When I came back I spoke again with the boys who were so beautiful. I felt wonderful driving home.

That night I woke up screaming – let go of my legs. I kicked furiously and kept screaming. I don’t know why the neighbors didn’t call the cops or something. I regret that I did that –  haven’t had a ‘visit’ since and maybe ‘they’ were there to continue with my Reconnection.

The next day the man came over who many of my friends tell me isn’t good enough for me, etc. but we have a deep but volatile relationship. And he is one of the few people I’ve told about this that is believing and supportive of it all. He was upset about something and going down a negative path and I started to laugh and said – you know I think this is the first time in my life I feel detached from your drama – I can empathize but I’m not getting drawn in. He seemed to let it all go then. It’s been a week now and I’m disappointed that I don’t feel that same feeling. Yesterday I swore at my mother and she hung up on me, but maybe it’s good that I finally stood up for myself. She’s so controlling, and critical of me and a fanatic about her religion (Christian Science) being the only answer. I’m hoping if I go back there in the next couple of months I can stay strong.

SJ via Anna Christine Doehring, USA


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