Remote Healing Experience Feedback

remote healing experienceWith his consent, I gladly share a client’s recent remote healing experience as an example of how RH can be felt. Whether the person is physically present in the healing room or at their home does not make a difference to session experience and outcomes.

Here’s his session feedback:



Hello, Katrin –

Thank you so much for tonight’s session. It was wonderful, as always.

Here’s a recap for you:

I was ready to begin at 10 minutes before the hour. It was very clear when the top of the hour struck, I could feel the energy moving quite obviously. I felt some sharp pain points initially in places that I was concerned about. The pain subsided as soon as it struck, and then returned and subsided again several times throughout the session. It was as it was before, where I could feel energy being pushed into different regions of my body. This time I had the sensation of sitting in a big tub of water where the water was rocking from my torso to my feet and back again. It was a very pleasant feeling and I could sense that areas that I was concerned about were reacting to the energy.

About 20 minutes in to the session I fell asleep but only for a moment; as soon as I heard myself snore I woke up again and stayed awake the rest of the session (I didn’t strain to stay awake, I just did). I could feel the energy moving around quite palpably about 35-40 minutes into the session and remained in place for another 15 minutes soaking up the good feeling before rising from my position.

Recounting this now, I can feel the energy moving about again – so nice! Thank You!!

I hope you have a wonderful day and we’ll reconnect again on Thursday.

All my best,



Hi, Katrin –

Tonight’s session was substantially less obvious than the Tuesday session. I did notice the energy but it was very subtle, almost as if I was imagining it. I felt a slight spiral swirling motion in my torso and almost no energy in my extremities. I do feel very calm and relaxed but I could also attribute that to lying still for an hour.

The interesting thing is, that as I write this, I can feel more energy now than I did during the session. Again, it’s centered in my mid-region.

Thank you, again! Looking forward to Saturday.




Hi Katrin,

The final session was wonderful, as always – Thank You! It was more like session #1, where the energy was noticeable and palpable throughout the session. It seemed to center mostly around my midsection and my left leg. It was a swirling effect again. I felt the energy continue to move until about 37 mins past the hour. Since then, I have noticed some improvements in some things that had been bothering me (yay!).

So thank you very much!


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