reconnective healing researchHow does Reconnective Healing sit with our current knowledge?

This page is intended to provide a peek into the nature of Reconnective Healing, and how it is currently thought to work. This is a multi-disciplinary venture. It is huge. By no means do we have a complete picture, and nobody really knows how Reconnective Healing works exactly. We just know that it does. The words ”I don’t know” may not be very satisfying, yet describe the whole thing best. Being okay with not knowing and uncertainty is an artform our society does not encourage. In Reconnective Healing, it is very helpful, and it’s good to be pragmatic: applying Reconnective Healing without necessarily knowing how it works. Scary? Not at all. You are very likely doing this yourself in many areas of your life. For example: driving a car. Most people are expert drivers, but have absolutely no idea how the engine works that gets them from A to B on a daily basis. And they drive quite safely regardless. The section ‘light communication’ below gives more of these every day examples where we make use of something, but rarely stop to think about how it works, let alone just know it, without the aid of Google. Reconnective Healing is no different.

This page is written as I understand the research behind Reconnective Healing and related phenomena. I have made every effort to portray facts and research results thruthfully and correctly. Please keep in mind this is a work in progress. There are no definite answers yet. Scientists can only measure what their equipment allows them to, and the Reconnective Healing frequencies may ‘escape’ that equipment’s design and capability at this point in time. Creativity is called for when looking into the Reconnective Healing phenomenon. That said, there is a lot of sound research addressing related phenomena, which a discussion of Reconnective Healing inevitably must involve.

I invite you to indulge in this page. Go slowly and enjoy the ride. The page is structured to guide you from a general background to more specific research on Reconnective Healing and related subjects. You’re likely to learn something new. Take what resonates with you, and leave the rest. It’s all about possibilities. Above all, enjoy!

I would like to skip the background information below and read about Reconnective Healing research straight away…


Reconnective Healing – what is it again? 

Reconnective Healing is a new form healing that works through frequencies of energy, light and information. These frequencies are of the universe, and they tangibly interact with the person relaxing on a massage table. It is an equation of three components: the frequencies, the person on the table, and the practitioner. All are merged energetically during the process.

Light communication – it’s everywhere! 

Yes, you read that right. And you interact with it every day. Frequently. The world as we know it today, in fact, would not exist without light. Everything on planet Earth essentially boils down to sunlight. Plants harvest sun (light) energy and convert it into sugar and plant substance. Then we come along and eat the fruit or vegetable to satisfy our own, daily energy demands for healthy living. Without plant life to harvest sunlight, we would not exist.

The ‘light communication’ referred to in the headline uses only a specific range of the sun’s emitted light spectrum, and we don’t necessarily see it with our eyes. Another word for light is electromagnetic radiation (see below). Think about it: what in your every day existence uses electromagnetic waves (light communication)? Ever thought about how a cell phone works? Your TV? The internet? Your car stereo? How about securtiy systems, credit card safety features, ID cards, supermarket scanners, GPS/ satellites, or snapping a photo (the Greek stem of ‘phos’ = light)? Or how about an EEG, x-ray, MRI, or thermogram? Where’s the light in those?

Here are a few (partially simplyfied) examples:

– A (cathode-ray tube) TV decodes electromagnetic radio waves into something we can hear and see. The original light signal captured on film (during photographing a movie) is translated into an electrical signal and then transmitted (as a radio wave) by the TV station. Your TV receives that signal and translates it back into the original components of visuals and sounds (speakers convert radio waves into mechanical vibrations you can hear), and you can enjoy Indiana Jones from the comfort of your couch. Pretty cool.


Fig 1. Hand & computer mouse x-ray. Source:

– Medical examination techniques such as radiography, thermography, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), EEG (Electro Encephalography), or PET (Positron Emission Tomography) use electromagnetic technology to visualize body tissue. This is how a doctor can look inside of you, without opening you up. Take an x-ray: a generator produces a beam of x-rays and projects it toward an object (think airplane luggage or broken bones, for example). Some x-rays are absorbed, and others travel right through the object, according to its density and composition. X-ray sensitive film or a digital detector behind the object capture traversing x-rays and construct a 2D representation of all superimposed structures. It may look like the image to the right.

– Fibre-optic cables transmit information between places by sending light pulses through an optical fibre. The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave that is modulated to carry information. When you call your friend long distance, a fibre-optic cable may enable that call. Cable TV utilizes fibre-optics too, and so does the internet. Optic fibres transport huge chunks of information over vast distances literally at the speed of light. Very fast, anyway. To give you an idea: optic fibres can carry information at a rate of 100 Gbit/s over 7000km.

As seen, this transmission of information is very fast, and there’s no time lag when someone you call picks up the phone, you tune into your favourite radio station, or flip to the evening news. Light and informatin flow fast. Remember, Reconnective Healing is working with frequencies of energy, light and information. Healings occur quickly. That is why ongoing, regular sessions are not required. It’s a one off healing offered in 3 sessions max. That’s it.

 A hologram is another example of information transmission and storage through light, in this case, a laser beam. Holography is very similar to photography, in that a shutter opens to admit light, which interacts with mirrors and light sensitive film, before the shutter closes. Contrary to photography, which yields a negative after this process, a hologram looks nothing like the object you’re imaging – yet. It requires a further step: light. With light either shining through or reflecting off the developed film used to make a hologram, your eyes and brain interpret the resulting pattern as a representation of a three-dimensional object. The holograms you see on credit cards and stickers are reflection holograms.


So what’s light?

The terms light, electromagnetic waves, and radiation all refer to the same physical phenomenon: electromagnetic energy, which can be described by frequency, wavelength, or energy. There are entire volumes written on this, and I refer you to those for details. For our purpose here, we only need to know the very basics: all electromagnetic radiation is light. This includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light, ultraviolet waves, x-rays and gamma rays. It is now easy to see the multiple ways in which light communication affects your every day.

frequnecy with frame

Fig 2. Properties of waves. Source:

Our sun is a source of energy across the full electromagnetic spectrum listed above. Electromagnetic waves are formed by the vibrations of electric and magnetic fields. And once formed, this energy travels at the speed of light until further interaction with matter. Contrary to mechanical waves, electromagnetic waves do not require a medium to propagate. This means that light waves can travel through air, solid materials, and the vacuum of space. Think about the implications of this for Reconnective Healing, which, again, works with frequencies of energy, light and information (= the properties of photons, see below).

Light exhibits both properties of waves and particles. Waves have a frequency: it is the number of cycles (= oscillations) per second, measured in Hertz (Hz).

Light particles are called photons. Photons can be emitted, received, stored and exchanged. Everyone knows the speed of light is very fast. How fast? Almost 300.000km per second. The speed of light is one of the most fundamental constants in nature and throughout the universe.

“The Field”

A huge body of research exists around what physics calls ‘the zero-point-field’, and Eastern philosphy terms the ‘field of all possibilities’. This research spans some 40 years and includes contributions from physics, biophysics, psychology, parapsychology, biology, physiology, complementary medicine, and other fields. A wide variety of international researchers are interested in this phenomenon, and NASA funded research into using zero-point energy as rocket fuel. This tells you something is going on. And it’s far from new. Ancient cultures knew about the field, perhaps calling it by a different name, but being very familiar with its effects and on how to tap into it. Intuition, distance healing, premonition, deja vue, that ‘gut-feeling’ and when you ‘just know’, telepathy and related phenomena can be seen as field effects.

A fantastic book on the field sums up research and knowledge we gained on this over the past 30 years. It is an eye-opening book, written in plain English, so you don’t have to be a specialist at all to enjoy it fully. It is by Lynne McTaggart and is simply called ‘The Field’, also available in audio format.


”The field is the only reality.” Albert Einstein


Life as we know it is based on seemingly solid objects, separation and duality. Me-not me, others, in here-out there, are only too familiar concepts. What if, though, there was no such thing? What if, as philosophers, ancient cultures and modern physics suggest, we’re all interconnected? How do you know where you end and someone else begins?

On the most fundamental level, life is space. If you zoom into your body with a (very) high power microscope, you’ll discover that space abounds. Take an atom, the basic unit of matter: it’s mostly space, shaped and ruled by probabilities: the probabilities of electrons to localize in time and space on their constant journey around the atomic nucleus. This is the quantum world, in which Newtonian physics do not apply. Everything is in constant exchange and movement. At this level, vibration, energy and frequency rule.

The field can be seen as a web connecting everything with everything else, and it does so through microscopic vibrations in the space between things. To be sure, this scale is minute and very large at the same time. Minute in terms of (un)observability, and large in its universal extent and implications for us.

As seen earlier with photons, subatomic particles possess a frequency, contain energy, and carry information. The field communicates this information constantly. It also stores it. We are in constant, vibrational exchange with it, each other, and everything else. You could see yourself as an antenna in constant energetic exchange with the environment. Electromagnetic signals, naturally and artificially generated, are sent and received all the time. This is one way of viewing communication and phenomena like intuition, psychic abilities, remote viewing, gut feeling, etc. And even more so when you consider the nature of your very own nervous system: it generates electromagnetic fields all the time.

A nerve cell generates a small electrical current. Physics teaches that wherever there’s a current (moving electrons), there is a magnetic field. A changing electric current induces a changing magnetic field (and vice versa). These changing fields form electromagnetic waves (light). The current and magnetic field of one nerve cell is very tiny. However, the combined electromagnetic field generated by your entire nervous system (some 100 000 000 000 or 100 billion nerve cells in your brain alone), can be measured (i.e. via EEG, MEG) and felt. Reconnective Healing works with it, in conjunction with frequencies of energy, light and information of the universe. That is why I say elsewhere that people who experience Reconnective Healing have a conversation with the universe. Their electromagnetic body field interacts with universal frequencies of energy, light and information.

And not only that. As we have seen, by definition, and without getting religious on you one bit, you carry the light inside, too. Your nervous system generates it (in form of electromagnetic energy) all the time. You can’t be without it. Some studies even suggest that our DNA stores photons (light particles). Biophoton emissions have been documented from many organisms, inlcuding humans. Funky? Yes! And measurable. This branch of science is called biophotonics. Its textbook by professor Fritz-Albert Popp came out in 1983.

If this is an entirely new vantage point for you, indulge and play with it. Take what resonates, and leave the rest. Needless to say, there’s so much more to this. I will compile a citation list of original works and make it available as a downloadable pdf. Also, once permission is gained from the authors to do so, I will make some of these articles available here for viewing and downloading. If you’re really keen, you can beat me to it and find the original papers yourself, as ‘The Field’s’ bibliography is excellent and lists all publications in detail.

How does Reconnective Healing tie into all this?

Despite not yet fully understanding how Reconnective Healing works, and how the body takes a vibration and translates it into a healthy biochemistry and biology, we know from countless observations and client feedback that this integration occurs. Clinical tests show that people’s physiology changes in the presence of Reconnective Healing frequencies: measurements of EEG, EKG, blood pressure, skin conductivity and heart rate all testify to detectable responses inside the body during Reconnective Healing. This pertains to both practitioner and client. And not only that: the space in which Reconnective Healing is practiced changes, too.


Reconnective Healing Research

Dr. William Tiller  –  space conditioning focus

Dr. William Tiller documented changes in excess thermodynamic free energy during Reconnective Healing seminars. He measured air temperature, water temperature and water pH both before and in the presence of Reconnective Healing frequencies. Through a series of mathematical conversions (in case you wondered what pH has to do with anything), he showed that Reconnective Healing has a measurable effect on the space it is practiced in. That is to say Reconnective Healing frequencies condition space. They change its properties. The energetic effect Dr. Tiller found would equal a rise in room temperature by 300°C. In his words: ”That’s huge.” In other words, to yield the same amount of excess thermodynamic free energy present during Reconnective Healing seminars, you would have to heat up the room by 300°C. Remember, water boils at 100°C. To be sure, there is no such temperature change. This is an electromagnetic energy effect that would equal a temperature increase of 300°C.

When the teaching team introduced an aspect of the work on stage, it was reflected in the measurements. Participants moving to the massage tables, learning how to work with the Reconnective Healing frequencies, also influenced the readings. A coherence effect between speaker and audience was also documented. Figure 3 gives an example of observed changes in excess thermodynamic free energy, or δG*H+ (black curve).

reconnective healing research

Fig. 3. An example of Dr. Tiller’s findings. Changes in space conditioning during the course of a Re-connective Healing seminar, as reflected by changes in excess thermodynamic free energy δG*H+ (black curve). Note that whenever there’s a presentation on stage, δG*H+ drops. Movement in the room seems to reverse that pattern. Taken from Dr. Tiller’s White Paper No. 11. You can read it  here.

One more astounding aspect Dr. Tiller found: the seminar room was already conditioned hours before anybody arrived. On one occasion, he may have measured the onset of this effect, as these experiments were repeated in different cities, and after the first results were in, he decided to put up his equipment 24hrs prior to the event. Whatever he measured, the curve was declining similarly to when Eric Pearl is on stage. Only Eric wasn’t there or anywhere near. Something is happening during Reconnective Healing. What exactly, remains to be discovered, one puzzle piece at a time.

According to Dr. Bill Tiller, what we witness during the seminar and healing sessions is an entropy effect. A term from thermodynamics, entropy is a measure of a system’s disorder. It describes the natural tendency of systems to return to chaos in the absence of work to keep order. Your cluttered desk may be a familiar example. In that sense, a healing session may help a person to ‘get back in order’ energetically, that is, to decrease their system’s entropy for regained orderly body functions.

You can listen to Dr. Tiller speak about this on our youtube channel page, or read the paper on his website.

As a side thought, and without necessarily quoting science, this space conditioning effect may well be why sacred places emit tangible ‘vibes’. Perhaps places of worship entrain with the common intention shared by service attendees, repeated and maintained by generations over centuries. Interesting notion.

Also, it is well known among Reconnective Healing practitioners that sometimes clients exhibit registers without practitioner interaction. The practice space started the sessions on its own. I have seen that many times in my own practice. It is also why it’s favourable to have a dedicated practice space, rather than visiting people at home. Space conditioning is beneficial.

Dr. Gary Schwartz  –  people & organism focus

Whereas Dr. Bill Tiller explored changes in space conditioning in the presence of Reconnective Healing frequencies, Dr. Gary Schwartz studied how these frequencies affect people, rather than the space they’re in.

Dr. Schwartz applied so called ‘baseline studies’: every person has a basic level of energy, as expressed in your heart’s or brain’s electrical signatures, for example. Determining this baseline allows to discern between a real subtle energy effect or no effect, when data fall into the ‘normal baseline reference range’. Methods to detect energy effects include biophoton emission meters, extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field meters, spectrophotometers, or laser-perfusion devices. In essence, Dr. Schwartz measures the body’s ability to emit, sense and feel vibrations (electromagnetic energies & sound) which are not baseline. He has conducted many studies into the impact of healing energies on plants and human subjects. What follows is a description of some studies I’m aware of through poster presentations or listening to Doug de Vito of The Reconnection speak about the research behind Reconnective Healing.

One of Dr. Schwartz’s experiments measured the impact of distance energy healing on plant leaves severed from the mother plant and planted into soil. Reconnective Healing was one of the modalities tested, and results were presented pooled, as a general statement, rather than detailing which modality was most effective. The point the poster makes is that distance energy healing has a beneficial effect on plant leaf survival, reported as dry weight after 34 and 90 days. Leaves receiving four ten minute distance healings over a 60 day period remained rather intact, whereas 99% of the controls not receiving energy healing withered away inside 34 days. Not only did the tended to leaves fair significantly better, often surviving for more than 90 days, some also produced roots, indicating possible regeneration of an entire plant through one previously cut off leaf. Control leaves lost more than half the weight maintained by the test leaves receiving distance healing (healthy plants do not loose weight).

A similar plant leaf experiment was conducted specifically in regards to Reconnective Healing, in which leaf biophoton emission was measured. As before, leaves were cut off from the mother plant. Test leaves received Reconnective Healing (a one-off 10 minute session), and control leaves were ignored. Test leaves stayed alive for as long as 90 days, whereas control leaves died within 6-14 days. Reconnective Healing directly influenced the leaves’ longevity, inferring a life sustaining impact on organisms.

Biophoton emission measurements of Reconnective Healing practitioners showed that their baseline (normal range of photon emission) is higher than that of non-practitioners, and that photon emission jumps to a higher level when Reconnective Healing frequencies are actively felt and engaged.

Another experiment measured the impact of healing energy on isolated DNA molecules. The DNA was deliberately damaged by heat, before exposure to energy healing techniques and Reconnective Healing. Controls received no treatment. The progress of DNA self-repair was measured spectrophotometrically. Results were surprising: whereas Qigong and Reiki significantly slowed down DNA self-repair, compared to the controls, Reconnective Healing significantly sped up the repair process! Nobody knows why or what it means. Bottom line: energy healing directly affects DNA.

You can watch the 11 minute video clip below, where Dr. Schwartz explains some of the above experiments. Eric Pearl, too, makes an appearance, demonstrating the ease and beauty of Reconnective Healing.


Dr. Konstantin Korotkov  –  people & space focus

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov’s line of research is called Electrophotonics. He took Kirlian’s (of Kirlian Photography) approach further and developed a sophisticated real-time imaging technique to measure and visualize a person’s energy field. This technology, known as GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization), is used by Russian medical institutions. It allows to capture the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual, (as well as plants, liquids, powders, inanimate objects), and translates it into a computerized model of the present situation. This aids with diagnosing underlying causes of any existing imbalances by visualizing the area of the body and its involved organ systems.

Using his GDV technology, Dr. Korotkov also studied the seminar room Reconnective Healing was taught in. His measurements were of a completely different nature than those by Dr. Bill Tiller (see above). Both measured the same event in the same room with different approaches. Both found significant effects, and their results are well correlated, building a stronger case for the scientific verification of Reconnective Healing.

Dr. Korotkov says: ”Changes of participants’ energy fields and chakras before and after the workshop demonstrate [a] strong positive effect of this process to [the] psycho-emotional state of people.” He found that a person’s energy field was more coherent after receiving Reconnective Healing than beforehand.

The “EPC/GDV technique” is accepted by the Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical technology and certified in Europe. More than 1000 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide. Over 150 papers are published about the GDV. (Last paragraph adapted from Dr. Korotkov’s website)

You can view some beautiful and fun Kirlian images here. (You don’t need a facebook account to view images. By the way: you can ‘like’ us on facebook, or subscribe to our RSS feed for current blog posts by clicking on the respective buttons at the very top of this page.)

Dr. Korotkov also carried out a double blind test of the influence of Reconnective Healing on the human immune system and psyche. Using a blood test and a standardized psychology assessment protocol (POMS test after McNair), he measured physiological and psychological states of people before and after a single session of Reconnective Healing. While the non-specific immune response was elevated (as demonstrated by blood counts), psychological parameters such as tension, depression, aggression, fatigue and confusion decreased significantly. The most valuable contribution of this study is that the ‘after session’ measurements were taken not immediately after the session, but 7-10 days later. Thus, results indicate a long-term benefit of Reconnective Healing. This is in line with countless practitioner observations and client feedback: healings tend to last.

My personal take on this: whatever these Reconnective Healing frequencies are, they are highly palpable, and once you know what they feel like, they’re anything but subtle. They change you. Period. I know that the person walking out of the seminar on Sunday is different from the one walking in on Friday. It’s a beautiful gift, explainable or not. And while getting the complete picture may take a good long while, the pieces we already know allow for a glimpse into the workings and effects of Reconnective Healing.

In the end, what matters most is that any person receiving Reconnective Healing feels better. In the light of regaining your health and vitality, becoming pain free, overcoming cancer, or feeling any improvement at all, questions of the ‘why’, ‘how’ & ‘what’ take a back seat. These answers are most certainly interesting, yet do you really keep on wanting to know after you’re well again? I dare say most people don’t. Let science catch up with us anytime. I’ll be the first to learn with great interest. Meantime, I pragmatically continue to serve people in their quest to maintain or regain their health and wellbeing, without having to know all the details. If you find this bizarre, I refer you to the section further up, called ‘light communication’. Discover all the things you competently and safely do on a daily basis without knowing exactly how they work!


Below is an introduction to some of the people involved in researching Reconnective Healing frequencies and their effects.

tillerProfessor Bill Tiller

Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, spent 34 years in academia after 9 years as an advisory physicist with the Westinghouse Research Laboratories. He has published over 250 conventional scientific papers, 3 books and several patents. In parallel, for over 30 years, he has been avocationally pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of psychoenergetics which will very likely become an integral part of “tomorrow’s” physics. In this new area, he has published an additional 100 scientific papers and four seminal books.  (Taken from

One of Dr. Tiller’s papers investigating the effect of Reconnective Healing Frequencies on space conditioning is available here.

Bibliography    (A list of Dr. Tiller’s White Papers.)


korotkovProfessor Konstantin Korotkov

Dr. Korotkov is professor of computer science and biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg, Russia.

He has published over 200 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and holds 17 patents on biophysics inventions. Dr. Korotkov has led a research career for over 30 years and is also the author of nine books, most of them available in English and other languages. (Adapted from

Bibilography    (A list of selected papers and books by Dr. Korotkov.)



GSProfessor Gary Schwartz

Dr. Gary Schwartz is the Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH, formerly the Human Energy Systems Laboratory) and a professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona. After receiving his doctorate from Harvard University, he served as a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University, director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center, and co-director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic. Dr. Schwartz has published more than 450 scientific papers, authored six books, and edited eleven academic books. (Adapted from

Bibliography (selected publications)