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wellbeing resourcesVisit our Reconnective Healing YouTube channel and enjoy videos about Reconnective Healing, healthy living, the biology of transformation, science, and other inspiring bits & pieces! To see the latest videos added, simply subscribe and keep in the loop automatically. Also two German playlists available. Enjoy!


wellbeing resourcesEric Pearl and a host of others share their views on a range of topics. These are posted by The Reconnection, free of charge.

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wellbeing resourcesOur reading list details some resourceful and thought provoking books. You can save it to your computer by right-clicking anywhere on the document, and choosing 'save as...' from the drop down menu. It will be appear in .pdf format and requires Acrobat Reader for viewing.


You can download any one page Reconnective Healing summary below to give to people who don't use the internet, or who prefer a brief overview, rather than reading lots of information.


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Reconnective Healing Summary

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The Reconnection

By Dr. Eric Pearl

Eric's book coverSynopsis

"Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings reported by the patients of Dr. Eric Pearl? What does it mean when these patients report the sudden disappearance of afflictions such as cancers, AIDS-related diseases, and cerebral palsy? And what does it mean when people who interact with Dr. Eric Pearl report a sudden ability to access this healing energy not just for themselves, but for others, too? What is this phenomenon?

Well, you might have to reconsider everything you've read up until now about conventional healing. The "new" frequencies of healing described by Dr. Eric Pearl transcend "technique" entirely and bring you to levels beyond those previously accessible to anyone, anywhere. This book takes you on Eric Pearl's journey from the discovery of his ability to facilitate healings, to his well-deserved reputation as the instrument through which this process is being introduced to the world. But most important, The Reconnection reveals methods you can use to personally master these new healing energies." (Taken from back cover.)

We have this book available for lending (Dunedin area pick-up only) and purchase. You can also get it here.


The Field

By Lynne McTaggart

The Field by Lynne McTaggart


"In this groundbreaking classic, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart reveals a radical new paradigm - that the human mind and body are not separate from their environment but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea, and that consciousness may be central in shaping our world.

The Field is a highly readable scientific detective story presenting a stunning picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory that makes sense of supernatural phenomena. Documented by distinguished sources, The Field is a book of hope and inspiration for today's world."

If you wondered about how remote healing may work, this book offers ideas.


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Solomon Speaks

By Dr. Eric Pearl & Frederick Ponzlov

Solomonbook (2) Synopsis

''Why are prominent doctors, quantum physicists, and researchers all over the world interested in the seemingly chance encounter that Dr. Eric Pearl had with one of his patients? What was it about that encounter that would not only radically accelerate the trajectory of his life, but ultimately affect the lives of millions . . . and will most likely profoundly affect your life as well? What is this phenomenon?

In his international bestseller, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Dr. Pearl taught readers how to access and tap into a comprehensive spectrum of energy, light, and information previously inaccessible to anyone [...].

As guided by the spirit of Solomon, a multidimensional intelligence that speaks through Frederick Ponzlov, experience firsthand the insights imparted during the evolution of this unique transmodality known today as Reconnective Healing. Now you can discover these insights and apply them to your life—insights that have revolutionized the healing world and given us the key to access the immense power that we each have within our lives. Solomon speaks. . .'' (Quoted from back cover)

Interested? It's a wonderful read. You can get it here.