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People submit Reconnective Healing testimonials to share their session experiences and results, and to help others gain a perspective of how this process could help them as well. See below what clients say about how Reconnective Healing has contributed to their lives. This feedback is specific to Katrin. For an even wider perspective, you can browse our blog for healing stories from around the world.

To help others recognize the value of this approach, we invite you, too, to share your story and submit your testimonial. Know your action makes a difference to people - indeed, it may change someone's life. Thank you!

Reconnective Healing Testimonials


Distant healing alleviates debilitating knee problem


Liebe Katrin,

ich schreibe Dir jetzt meine Erlebnisse mit Reconnective Healing [Fernheilung]:

Seit ca. 3 Wochen hatte ich Schmerzen im linken Knie. Ich konnte nur schlecht und sehr langsam laufen, unter Vermeidung der Belastung des linken Beins. Treppen steigen war fast unmöglich. Diese Schmerzen wurden immer größer, weshalb ich eine Internistin aufsuchte, die per Sonographie eine Baker-Zyste im Kniegelenk diagnostizierte. Ich wurde zum Orthopäden überwiesen, wo ich bis heute noch nicht war.

Zeitgleich hatte ich Kopfschmerzen - rechte Schädelhälfte - was sehr ungewöhnlich ist, ich habe sonst nie Kopfschmerzen.

Nach der ersten Session fühlte ich mich besser - geringere Schmerzen im Knie - sodass ich auf Schmerztabletten verzichten konnte. Die Kopfschmerzen sind seit dem auch komplett weg.

Während der zweiten Session verspürte ich eine heftige Bewegung im linken Bein, am Kopf Wärme und „Kribbeln“. Nach ca. 15 Minuten hob sich meine linke Wade von der Matratze und ich spürte eine Drehung im Knie (ohne Schmerzen), die sich am besten durch ein Unendlichzeichen beschreiben lässt. Danach fiel das Knie auf die Matratze zurück. Das ganze geschah sehr schnell und verblüffte mich zutiefst. Das Resultat: ich konnte nach der Session schmerzfrei auftreten und fast normal laufen, das Knie ohne Schmerzen bewegen, und mich normal anziehen. Einfach wunderbar! Und ein grosser Kontrast zum bisherigen morgendlichen Herumhumpeln.

Nach der dritten Session konnte ich dann die Gartentreppe normal hinauf und hinunter laufen, und abends die ersten Stufen der Treppe in den ersten Stock normal steigen……super. Ich weiß gar nicht, was ich morgen der Orthopädin erzählen soll, da bis aufs vollständige Treppensteigen eigentlich alles wieder OK ist! -

Die Untersuchung bei der Orthopädin verlief schmerzfrei – bis auf die letzte Bewegung, die ihr dann auch die Diagnose ermoeglichte: scheuernde Knieschiebe durch Knorpelschwund am Kniegelenk. Die Zyste allein verursacht wohl keine so starken Schmerzen – ein Aneinanderreiben von Knochen schon eher.

Aber meinem Knie geht es immer besser - es ist toll und ich freue mich täglich! Heute bin ich 17 km Rad gefahren und bei Pilates kann ich nach und nach auch wieder teilnehmen. Schmerzmittel nehme ich seit der ersten Session keine mehr. Deine Empfehlung von Gelbwurz als Entzündungshemmer werde ich befolgen und zur Ausheilungsunterstützung anwenden. -

Wie Reconnective Healing funktioniert ist mir zwar immer noch schleierhaft, aber der “vorher-nachher-Unterschied” ist zu deutlich, um ihn von der Hand zu weisen. Ich bin einfach nur so froh, mich wieder ganz normal und ohne Hilfsmittel im Alltag bewegen zu können! Die restlichen Zipperlein werden sich sicher auch noch erholen. Danke!

Christine Geist (Katrins Mutter), Hebamme a.D., Deutschland


Dear Katrin,

I write to share my Reconnective Healing experience with you.

For three weeks, my left knee was painful. I couldn't walk very well, and only slowly, avoiding to put weight on my left leg. Climbing up stairs proved almost impossible. The pain steadily increased, therefore I sought help from a general practitioner, who diagnosed a Baker's-cyst in the knee joint. She sent me to an orthopaedist, where I have yet to go. Simultaneously, I experienced headaches on the right side of my head – very unusual, as I usually never get headaches.

After the first [distance] session I felt better – less pain in the knee, so that I could stop taking pain killers. The headaches also left completely.

During the second session, I felt an intense movement in my left leg and noticed warmth around my head and a tingling sensation there also. After c. 15 minutes, my left calf rose from the bed and I felt a (painless) turning sensation in my knee, best described as a mathematical infinity sign, after which the leg fell back onto the mattress. This happened very quickly and left me quite startled.

The result: after the session, I could put weight on my knee without experiencing pain, and walk almost normally, move the knee without pain, and dress myself normally. Just wonderful! And a stark contrast to the usual hobbling about in the mornings.

After the third session, I could walk all garden stairs fine in either direction. Later that evening, climbing up the first steps to the first floor also went normally...super. I don't really know what to tell the orthopaedist tomorrow, since, with the exception of climbing up stairs fully, all is well again! -

The orthopaedist examination went fine and without pain, except the last movement she tried...which enabled her to diagnose what caused the pain: bone rubbing on bone in the knee joint, due to thinning of cartilage buffering the kneecap. A cyst alone apparently does not cause pain to the degree I had.

But my knee is constantly improving – it's awesome, and a daily source of joy! Today I cycled 17 km, and participating in Pilates becomes easier and easier. I quit pain killers after session one, and will follow your recommendation of turmeric to counteract inflammation and support my knee in healing fully. -

While I don't really understand how Reconnective Healing works, the clear before and after difference is undeniable. I'm just so glad to be able to move again, going about my day normally and without any aids! I am certain the rest will also fall into place in due course. Thank you!

Christine Geist (Katrin's Mum), retired Midwife, Germany


Three distance healing sessions between USA and New Zealand, as perceived by the client:



Wow! I had no idea that was possible.

It felt like a rolling pin was pushing the energy out from my core to all of my extremities. There was so much tingling all over. And then it would pause and subside and then return and continue. It felt divine. I drifted off at one point but only for a few minutes I really wanted to pay attention to the energy.

I can't wait to do that again! Thank you!



    Hello Katrin,

And thank you again for a wonderful session. I'm just amazed at how obvious the energetic movement is. It's really quite stunning. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't experience it for myself.

Last night's session was very similar to the previous session, although a bit more subtle this time. I felt expansiveness as the first indication that the session had begun. It felt as if more space was being made available in my core, so that my organs had more room to breathe and stretch. Then the same tingling movement of energy occurred, beginning with my belly region and moving downward into my legs and then outward towards my arms and hands. I also felt movement in my head, my face, and my neck. The process repeated a number of times. I don't know how you do what you do by I am endlessly fascinated by the process.

Thank you again! I'll be sending another payment over today for a final session within the next couple of days. Many Thanks!



    Hello Katrin!

I've been meaning to get back to you with follow-up from my final session.

It was the best yet. Swirls of energy through my chest and my core, as if fireflies were swirling around my whole body. It seems to have sorted out something very deep inside, and I can't quite put my finger on it yet. I'm not sure if I will be able to. But I think the combination of your sessions and the fact that I've been increasing the amount that I meditate every day, has created a world of change inside my body. I feel so content and it's as if I'm glowing inside.

Needless to say, I am extremely interested in Reconnective Healing. I plan to go to that conference you mentioned in November.

  Distance  Reconnective Healing testimonial from Colton Weeks, IT Consultant, USA


Client text message relating felt changes after 2 sessions of Reconnective Healing

Hi Katrin,

I would like to take this time to thank you so very much for the healing today. I am so grateful for the wonderful and amazing feeling I am feeling right now. I have never felt this way for a long time no matter all the counseling and prayers I had trying to feel this way again. Words cannot describe the changes in me, and mainly the happy feelings and calmness. Thanks again. May God bless your work and you as you continue to heal people.

Reconnective Healing testimonial from Nancy Nahi, New Zealand


Resume after 3 distance Reconnective Healing sessions

Hi Katrin, here's my feedback on the session!

- A little like the first session, I felt like I was drifting in and out of sleep
- I sort of knew the session had started because it felt like something was being lifted from my solar plexus
- The whole day after I was on a different "vibration" I would say, or "mix of emotions", driven a lot less by fear and urgency and a lot more in the moment, with a bit of langor. It was new and pleasant - although not my most productive day from a short-term perspective 🙂
- Also something weird happened the evening after, I felt like crying in a way I hadn't cried in a long time. Like a dam opening up. Weirdly it felt good and like a good wash.

The whole process has been very interesting and a lot of thoughts are roaming around in my head, like unleashed. I have also been surprised with a couple behaviours that were not here before.

All in all, I feel there has been some discreet, very tangible changes and a lot of thinking unlocked.

I wanted to thank you a lot for the experience and opening this door...

Distance Reconnective Healing testimonial from Chloé, Reporting Officer, Iraq


Client email about the impact of conversationally sharing Reconnective Healing

Dear Katrin,

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend who lives on the east coast, NSW, and [...] I mentioned Reconnective Healing and my visit with you. In passing you understand. It registered and he looked up a therapist near where he lives (nearly two hours drive away) and did the intro session followed by The Reconnection last Friday and Saturday. Monday he went to the principal of the school where he teaches and quit. Some certainty, direction and "solidity" (his word) became obvious. He has been into energetics of various forms (Shakti yoga, Reiki etc) over the years but this has truly resonated.

Reconnective Healing testimonial from Glenn, Scientific Consultant, New Zealand


Feedback email after her first three sessions of Reconnective Healing

Dear Katrin,

Everyday I think of one more thing I could talk with you about... my body is making lots of noises and feels different, as does my mind... so I am sure that is all a good thing!! I am very interested in doing the two sessions of The Reconnection.....I will get in touch soon again.....I miss not coming for more sessions... I can see how powerful it has all been so far and want more!!! Thank you for what you do...

Reconnective Healing testimonial from Caroline, Filmmaker, New Zealand


1 Reconnective Healing session alleviates back pain and sinus problems

"I first met Katrin at an event we were both volunteering at in Queenstown. We built up rapport immediately. Katrin explained to me her approach to holistic health and how she is using her method to help people with their health and any health issues they may have. I had never heard of this type of treatment before and was fascinated.

At the time I suffered from lower back pain, and sinus issues. I decided to give Katrin a go. She started moving her hands in patterns creating a field between them, it looked rather strange but then I started to feel the force field she was creating. It was rather strange at first, but after a while I started to feel very relaxed and felt the field get stronger. This is when I realised when the field gets stronger it is fixing whatever in your body needs repairing, then the feeling subsides once it has done its job.

This went on for about 50 minutes or so in and out of the stronger fields so this is when I knew it was doing me the world of good. At the end of the treatment I felt very relaxed. That evening I had a fantastic nights sleep and woke up with little to no back pain and my sinus felt some relief also. That was only after 1 treatment. I will be following this treatment up with more as her healing power is just purely and truly amazing. Thank you Katrin, you are one gifted lady."

Reconnective Healing testimonial from D Dolzan, Australia


Reconnective Healing contributes to remission of metastatic cancer

"Reconnective Healing has been an amazing power surge to the energy grid of my being. While I have a lot of experience with and understanding of my energy body, the three [distance] healing sessions with Katrin helped me to embody this knowledge of my true nature. The impacts are immediate and long lasting. Reconnective Healing has been a very powerful aspect of the healing of my metastatic cancer on all levels of my being. I strongly recommend three sessions with Katrin of Reconnective Healing to help you to deepen your connection with your own highest wisdom."  

Distance Reconnective Healing testimonial from Meagan, Postgraduate Student, Canada


Recovery from a severe accident greatly improved after only 20 mins of Reconnective Healing

"Katrin was visiting Auckland and I was lucky enough to meet her and get a treatment from her. I had been involved in a large accident and my body was paying the price. I had a fractured wrist, leg and ribs as well as concussion. I can't explain the treatment in words but the body started to do amazing things - all by itself - believe me you couldn't move yourself the way I was moving.

Before the treatment I felt stuck and stiff. After the treatment it was like a weight had been lifted, I felt lighter, like I had more clarity with my brain - before the treatment I felt a little scrambled and hard to put thoughts together.

To this day [about 9 months later], I believe the treatment was the main reason my body started to realign and recover, including the amazing recovery of my arm that had surgery. I was soon back to work and feeling like I was back on track and back to myself. Amazing, just wish I had the chance to get another treatment for my horse and I before she left! Any and everyone should try it!"

Reconnective Healing testimonial from Vanessa, Senior Account Manager at a TV Station, New Zealand


More relaxed and calm before an important life event

"I am a sufficiently healthy male Christian in the beginning of my 30s. I do not smoke, have the occasional glass of wine, like to eat well, and enjoy life. Well, maybe I could lose some pounds and reduce some stress, but generally I feel well. And when I came to the session, I already felt very happy about my life, because I was newly in love. However, I was about to make an important travel. As indicated, it was more heart than business related and I felt very excited about it. To say the least, I was nervous.

When I arrived, Katrin and I spoke a bit about the session and what will happen. She told me that she is not going to tell me what I will feel because it could influence my perception. I have some experience with meditation and was quite open to the idea of relaxing for half an hour. I do not want to share too much personal experience from the session, but I reached the stage of total relaxation very quickly, more quickly than in meditation. I also had a sensual experience and felt very light, a bit like a traveling of my soul. After the session I felt very relaxed and maybe the best word to describe it is reconnected. The session calmed my nerves and helped me in combination with my belief and general social attitude to approach this new chapter in my life with an open heart."

Reconnective Healing testimonial from Thomas, PhD student, New Zealand


Pain relief via distance

"Katrin worked with me for 30 minutes to help alleviate persisting pain in my arthritic foot. I could feel the areas being worked on during the session, which amazed me, as this was a distance healing, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My foot felt lighter and warmer the morning after the session, and the pain was gone! I deliberately put weight on it and tried movements which used to be painful before. Gone. Now, months later, some of the discomfort has returned, but my foot still feels much improved compared to what it used to be. I do not feel the need for surgery, a common outcome for this condition, and sometimes forget about this altogether. Thank you!"

Distance Reconnective Healing testimonial from Christine, Midwife, Germany


Here's Lisa's Reconnective Healing session feedback

Please excuse the noisy background - this was recorded spontaneously at a coffee shop. Makes it all the more organic! It's still absolutely worth sharing, as an example of what can be experienced during a RH session. This is a particular person's example only. All sessions are different and quite individual. Do not expect the same experience from your session, as it likely will be different. Enjoy Lisa's account of her RH session! ('Oberschenkel' is German for 'thigh' - this will make sense in two minutes...)

Reconnective Healing testimonial from Lisa, High School Teacher, USA


In brief...


Reconnective Healing testimonial from  Dr. Andy, Biologist, Germany


Increased mobility and a positive outlook

"Six months ago I had two Reconnective Healing sessions with Katrin. At the time I was suffering chronic pain from several medical conditions, had low energy, and was feeling negative about my health and job situation. I took painkillers daily for a year, as the pain in my joints made moving about difficult to the point where I couldn't walk very far. My specialist had said that the pain may improve but probably never go away completely.

Immediately after both sessions I felt lighter, relaxed and happier. Six months on, my chronic pain is less bothersome. I have more energy and am generally a more positive, happier person. I now only take painkillers occasionally and enjoy walking to and from work. If I feel my knee ache once a day, I can happily live with that. I'm more relaxed and I don't stress the small stuff anymore. My dissatisfaction at work has turned into a healthy self-assertiveness towards my superiors and seeing options, rather than feeling stuck in the situation. People have commented on the positive change in me."

Reconnective Healing testimonial from Dr. Rachel, Scientist, New Zealand


Healing sessions continue beyond the time with your practitioner

"Hi Katrin, thanks again for the healing session on Monday - it was great!

Also you may be interested to know that I had a lie down in the sun about 2pm that day, and was starting to doze off, when my left leg started to 'unwind' again like in our session! It didn't last long and then I felt my left hand begin to have little sensations that then 'pulled and turned' my wrist and forearm (I had 2 fractures there a year ago so really seems to have been a healing of my bony structure). So a 2 for 1 experience!! 🙂

I would like to have another healing. Have a lovely long weekend and thanks again."

Reconnective Healing testimonial from Karen, Massage Therapist, New Zealand


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In 90 Mins or Less, Katrin Has Helped Clients to:

Release stress

Improve sleep

Alleviate back pain

Stop headaches

Recover from a severe accident

Gain clarity for life decisions

Reduce prescription drugs

Rekindle their curiosity for life

Shed emotional baggage

Rekindle their relationship

Lift depression

Feel an improvement of old injuries

Lessen their sensitivity to EMF radiation

Relieve pain completely or to a manageable degree

Increase their range of motion for improved or normal mobility

Increase their walking ability from very limited to several kilometres a day

Be more self-assertive and thus much happier at their work place

Feel balanced, well and relaxed despite exposure to multiple stressors

Create a basis for healing cancer by feeling peaceful and unafraid facing it

Move from feeling hopeless to a sense of acceptance and continuation

Change their world view


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